Portée T2, Ruska et Zig-zag

Ruska and Zig-zag are happy to annouce the birth of their 4 kittens! On september 7th, we greeted 2 lovely males (a black spotted tabby and a red blotched tabby), and 2 females (both black tortie spotted tabby). Reservations will be open by october 7th!
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Ruska et Zig-zag

Our Ruska and Zig-zag are expecting kittens due on september 7th, 2022!
We are excited because of the many posssibilities this matting can give and it's our Ruska first babies!
Colors expected : Brown spotted tabby, maybe brown blotched tabby, brown spotted (Or blotched) tortie tabby (females only), red spotted (or blotched/classic) tabby (males only).

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Kittens are 6 weeks old

The kittens from N2 Litter, (Parent's Izhora & Charming) are now 6 weeks old! Nikanor and Naum are still looking for new homes.
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Kittens are 12 days old!

Our little princes and princess are 12 days old, everyone opened their eyes! We move and grow very fast! See new pictures on "Kittens" page!

Wednesday, Charming been HCM tested by sonography a second time, results are clear! Maksimus also been tested for HCM and PKD (sonography) results are clear!
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N2 Litter

Our Kittens are now a couple of days old! Everybody eat well, mom's milk is very good!
We are glad to introduce them :
Nastya is the princess of the litter, she opened one of her eyes today at 6 days old (pictures are from yesterday!), she has a lovely nose in the shape of a heart, she's brown blotched tabby!
Nikanor, is the copy of Charming (his dad) and Maksimus (his older brother), he's the biggest yet!
Naum is a lovely prince, same color as his mom, has a nice soppted marking!
Novo named after the city of Novossibirsk, his weight is pretty close to Nikanor, he's a brown spotted tabby like mom and Naum!
Posté le 21 Aug 2017 par Ghislaine

Salli & new litter

We are happy to introduce our new princess from Finland, Salli! She's a very lovely girl, spend her time playing, purring and make cuddles with everyone!

Also, we are happy to announce a new litter were born yesterday, from Izhora & Charming, pictures and gender to confirm soon!
Posté le 16 Aug 2017 par Ghislaine

Our kittens are 11 weeks old!

Our kittens from our first litter of the year (N1) are now 12 weeks old. (All kittens have found lovely families/ they are reserved)
Posté le 07 May 2017 par Ghislaine
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