Available Kittens

Legend (noticed next to the kitten's name) :

AVAILABLE : Kitten is available to reservation.

OPTION : Someone is interested in the kitten, but the person didn't made any reservation yet. Means the kitten can come back to available anytime.

The kitten isn't reserved yet, but the cattery is awaiting deposit to put him under reserved. This reservation is maintained only 10 days without news from you the kitten will be available again.

RESERVED : The kitten found his family, the deposit been paid.

EVALUATION : Means the kitten is under observation for the cattery but can become available.

Kittens are available from 13 weeks, they will leave :
- Complete vaccination (primovaccination + 2nd)
- Dewormed
- Identified with microship
- Neutered (unless if the kitten leaves for breeding/show)
- Sociabilised
- selling contract
- health book
- his pedigree (or with file number of registration whie we get the original pedigree, LOOF may be long to send pedigrees)
- certificate of good health done by our vet less than 5 days before to leave
- a kitten kit (his food, some toys, etc)
- a notebook with Siberian needs and Kitten care.

Litter N 2

Mother : CH. Izhora for Slavicat (n 24) Father : CH. Charming Siberian Sapphire (n 22 09)
Testé Fiv/Felv : négative, HCM/PKD (écho Dr. Nicole) : Normal
PKDef (ADN) : N/N
Testé Fiv/Felv : négative, HCM/PKD (écho Dr. Nicole) : Normal
PKDef (ADN) : N/N

Birth date : August 15th, 2017

Available from 13 weeks.
This year, names of the kittens sould start by N letter, names can be changed until kittens get microshipped!
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Reservations are open starting from 4 weeks of age of the kittens. If you are interrested in one of the kittens, please let me know as soon as possible.
For any informations, please take a look at our adotions details page or contact using our mail form on contact page.


Nitro Guinness (reserved)

Male, brown spotted tabby (n24)
My color is same as my mom! I have big paws and i'm as big as Nikanor! I'm a lover boy, I like my humans!

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Naum (in his new home)

Male, Brown spotted tabby (n24)

My color is also same as my mom, i'm her copy and paste version. I'm very playful boy and I love to cuddle with my humans!

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Novembre (rin his new home)

Male, Brown blotched tabby with white
I'm the bigger male, I'm same color than my dad and my big brother Maksimus, I do much look like him when he was a baby! I'm a clown, I like to sit on my human's shoulders and like belly rub!

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Nastya (stays at the cattery)

Female, Brown blotched tabby
I'm the first princess born in the cattery! I'm brown blotched tabby almost like my dad but I don't have white socks! I'm a little curious girl I do have a rascal look but i'm a lovely girl!

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last update : december 3th,, 2017