The Cattery

We are a family cattery. We are holder of CETAC (French certificate of capacity of breeding pets), we are registered to L.O.O.F under the affixe Roi Siberien. We decided to not breed more than a litter per females per year.

We are located in south of France (Midi-pyrénées region), near to Toulouse, and Albi, 10 min away from Castres.
We choosen our parents based on health, all our cats are from tested and negative parents to diseases like HCM, PKD, PKDef, Fiv/Felv. Our parents are registered at WCF, LOOF and TICA, tested against HCM, PKD, PKDef, Fevl/Fiv. Our cats get tested from 1 year old then every year to two years for HCM/PKD, and before evry mating for Fiv/felv.
We choose to only breed traditional colors. Traditional colors is really what we love, so we won't breed colorpoint carrier and Neva Masquerade. To us siberian forest cat should look like wild, large cats, and colorpoint cats doesn't look wild. To get a better work, we only breed a few colors (black tabby, black golden tabby and black blotched with white).

Note to breeders : We'll not sell kitten to Neva breeder, and their future offsprings would not be selling to neva breeder neither.
We love represent our cattery to cats shows, to show our cats to judges and get our work rewarded.

Our kittens are socialized to people, other animals and the noises of the house (music, vacuum cleaner, etc. ), clean and accustomed to brushing and bathing, to achieve balanced and kittens close to their future owners !

You can come and visit the cattery, by appointment ( we are not everytime at home), even when there are no available kittens. If we have kitten at the moment, visit will be allowed only when the kitten will be 6/8 weeks old. It is also possible to make future allergic tests with adults.

If you have any questions, feel free to send us an e-mail!